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Books published in the period between January 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018 are eligible to be nominated for the 2018 award. Books must address in a substantive way any part of the Middle East region, or any of its component peoples or cultures, either through expository text (non-fiction category) or through characterization, action and plot (picture book and youth literature categories). New editions of books previously published are eligible for consideration if the content has been significantly revised.

For purposes of this award, the Middle East is defined as: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, the Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Books set outside the region may be eligible for consideration if one or more main characters are from the Middle East and their origin or culture is pertinent to the plot of the book.

Nominated titles must be primarily written in English and available for purchase in North America. Books that will become available for the North American market at a later date may be submitted at that time.

A committee of MEOC members, including teachers, librarians, outreach coordinators, and other educators select award winners (and, if deemed appropriate, honorable mention titles) in three categories:

  • Picture Book (simple text accompanied by large images on most pages, intended for elementary school readers).
  • Youth Literature (plot-driven books appropriate for readers in middle and high school).
  • Non-Fiction (reference or other non-fiction—e.g., memoir—intended for K-12 audiences or their teachers).

The award will be presented at the MEOC Annual Business Meeting at the Middle East Studies Association Conference in San Antonio, TX, tentatively scheduled for November 15, 2018.


Titles may be submitted using this form.

Please submit five review copies of your book to:

Susan Douglass, Middle East Book Award Co-Chair
Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, ICC #241
Georgetown University
3700 O Street, NW
Washington, DC 22057



MEOC welcomes nominations from its members, other educators, publishers, and the general public.

Titles may be submitted using this form.



2018 Middle East Book Award Co-Chairs Susan Douglass [susan.douglass@georgetown.edu] and Emma Harver [harver@email.unc.edu].

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